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What is a Quality Management System (QMS)?

What is a Quality Management System (QMS) and what are the benefits? This short video, less than 8 minutes, can be used as a training video to introduce staff to the benefits of formalizing a Quality Management System in your organization.
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See https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUkLzs_xNLK-JbTYOd9k9sA
xoDxVxLxo : Easy to understand
LH Consulting : Thanks for the video. I love how you have created your videos lots of creative design as well as a depth of information. I also run a management systems consultancy business so let me know if we can collaborate on something !
manase mwanza : Outstanding, thank you
dietermeyer1 : I feel like everyone has a different definition of what a QMS actually is. It is a concept that is always explained in abstract language with word like "process".
YouSoundButtHurt : The operative term is "well implemented" QMS. In my experience, well implemented QMS systems are rare as people are not robots. Low paid floor workers don't give a shit and often top management doesn't either or they don't understand what QMS actually is. It's very frustrating.
Jayson Josh : This will help for our tomorrow siminar internal quality auditor.
Judit Bartalis : Can you transcribe the presentation into txt? Thanks.
Norhisham Talib : Thank you very much. Its very useful when I'm conducting ISO 9001:2015 Awareness Course.
swati sharma : Wow... Thank you
Qurban-ali jalbani : Very Nice


This video is about Quality Management System (QMS).

QMS Who Do You Love (Audio)

My first 'long' video, and one I'll be using to try the YouTube Editor.
Robert Mayer : I remember laying on the floor in front of the stereo, stoned, staring at (and daydreaming deep into) that cover for the full duration of the song (some 45 years ago). Something about the repeated, pulsating chord progression just lent itself to that horse running across the expanse of the brown-yellow plains - with Gary Duncan's guitar solo driving the horse on and on and on...

We were so lucky to grow up in the era of (a) the best rock and roll of all time, and (b) the age of the vinyl LP album - the greatest medium of music, that helped create a landscape and backdrop for the music of the time. Albums just created so much more depth to the music and the bands. And this one was a prime example.
Norman de Bellefeuille : I always felt that Quicksilver was The San Francisco sound as much as I like the Dead and Airplane. I'm still listening 50 years on. Well done, Sirs.
Dorian Edwards : If you grew up in the Bay Area in the late sixties this was the gospel according to Cipollina and Duncan...... had the album, the 8 track, the cassette, the CD and now it's digital.... I've had it near me my whole life....
Filiberto De la fuente marquez : Todo un monumento al rock mundial !!! En Ciudad de México en Radio Capital era la introducción del Programa Vibraciones . De hermosos recuerdos
Robert McAllister : Nobody sounds like John Cipollina. Amazing tones!
Linda Yeager : Gets me high just lisening to it ,like the old days ,just tripping man.
Tam Wharton : who are the 54 that didn't like,no love this long song! Bo Didley wrote this song ?listen to the chimes and clangs from Cippolini! (sp?) WOWW.
Glenn Gamst : Love this song and this band!
Michael Brodie : That cowboy made it from San Fran to Macon GA while the Allman Bro’s were in pre production for their debut album.
Markus Rennelius : i am all for a jam session!! and this is a awesome path to follow,,,i play at .75 speed




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